Thursday, January 27, 2005

BBC Bias Caught on Air

This is absolutely priceless.

According to our dear B-BBC commenters, this morning Radio 5 Live did a 'text' poll asking for people's opinions on whether or not the UK should sign-up to the new EU constitution. The result of the poll was cheerily reported by the presenter as being 67% in favour of Britain signing up, with 33% against - which is, as anyone who reads the newspapers knows, almost the exact opposite of properly conducted polls.

Cheerily that is, until this bit:

And so far, the voting in our straw poll is as follows, 33% of you [intake of breath, long pause], uh, is this right? This is the wrong way, this is, er, opposite to what we were saying an hour ago, ah, I'm gonna just check those figures for you. Apparently, no, you don't want to join 67% of you, and yes, 33%. Which, I have to admit, is absolutely opposite to what I reported to you about twenty minutes ago to Eric Forth, so we'll clarify that for you, I do apologise, but a lot of people are saying that our unscientific vote isn't fair because it's skewed towards younger people who have mobile phones and are more likely to text us, so we'll find out about what proper scientific polls say about the subject a bit later in the programme, although I do think that is ageist because my mum's over fifty and she knows how to text.

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Here is the audio clip


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