Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Iran - Let the Revolution Begin

CBS News of all people is reporting on the coming revolution in Iran.

(CBS) The Iranian students storming the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 became icons of worldwide Islamic revolution.

Twenty-five years later, Iran's youth is rebelling again. But as CBS News Correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports, this time against the Islamic government itself.

Fully 60 percent of Iranians are under the age of 30, and they have had enough of strict Islamic rule. Everywhere there are signs that the religious authorities are losing control.

Yet there are signs the mad mullahs are not ready to give up.

Iran - Crackdown on Girls under 14


Iran - Torturing Bloggers

Surprisingly CBS seems very upbeat about their chances.

"Our young people are as well informed as young people in China or Britain or America. Anyone who tries to limit them is bound to fail," he says.

The hardliners can always launch another temporary crackdown. But in the end, the 1970s Islamic revolution seems certain to be undone by its own children.

The torch of freedom is lit and burning in Afghanistan and in the Ukraine. The torch will be lit in Iraq this weekend and its glow will be seen across the border in Iran and Syria. Freedom's light burns brighter, is seen from ever afar, and it beckons ever stronger. It has exposed the failure of radical Islam and lights the path to freedom for all its prisoners.

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