Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Iran - EU nuclear talks deadlocked

The Daily Times is reporting "Confidential talks between European powers and Iran are deadlocked on the key issue of uranium enrichment, with Iran refusing to consider scrapping such programmes, diplomats said on Tuesday."

Their views are reflected in a summary of the last meeting between representatives of France, Britain, Germany and Iran. The summary states that Iran intends to maintain its enrichment programme, whereas the European powers continue to insist on its “cessation” or “dismantlement”. Diplomats familiar with the talks said no progress is being made on the EU insistence that Iran’s temporary suspension of enrichment programs be turned into a commitment to permanently mothball all such activities.

Now over to Britain's Jack Straw.

Mr Straw has already said Britain would take no part in any military action against Iran. Britain, France and Germany are spearheading diplomatic efforts with Tehran.

Hey Jack! Want to play some poker?


The London Times thinks it's just a case of playing good cop versus bad cop. Guess who gets to be the bad cop?

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