Thursday, January 27, 2005

Iran Must Dismantle Nuke Program - EU

Yesterday I noted how Iran and the EU were deadlocked over this issue.

Now comes the foot stomping.

VIENNA (Reuters) - France, Britain and Germany have told Iran they will not settle for anything less than an end to sensitive nuclear processes key to the production of atomic bombs, according to a confidential EU document.

Since Britain's Jack Straw has already said "Britain would take no part in any military action against Iran" I suppose the next step will be to issue a statement condemning Iran's actions.

Put your foot down hard this time Jack and tell them you won't settle for anything less. That ought to do the trick. If that doesn't work issue another statement condemning, "in the strongest terms possible", Iran's actions.

And if that doesn't work you can always go to the UN, get 17 resolutions, wait ten years for nothing to happen and then - ? Too late then Jack.

The London Times thinks it's just a case of playing good cop versus bad cop. Guess who gets to be the bad cop?

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