Saturday, January 22, 2005

Iran - Overthrowing Iran's Mad Mullahs

The Telegraph has a three step plan that doesn't involve military intervention.

First, we should cease our dealings with the mullahs. EU countries, in contrast to the Americans, have pursued a policy of "constructive engagement" with Teheran, exchanging state visits and sending Jack Straw on repeated visits. (Iranians take Britain especially seriously, perhaps imagining that we are still the power we were when we last occupied their country in 1941.)

That policy is now in shreds, as Iran's nuclear programme nears completion.

Second, we should give financial and political assistance to dissidents inside the country.

Third, we should back the main resistance group, the People's Mujahidin, which, until recently, we treated as a terrorist organisation in order to appease Khamenei.

Just one problem with the first idea. It won't work when you have countries like France, China and Russia who will work against America for money. The UN oil for food scandal proves that.

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