Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Iraq - Denying Them Freedom

Scott has some questions for The Independent's Mary Dejevsky.

The Independent's Mary Dejevsky makes it explicit (paid link) - she doesn't think that Saddam's overthrow was a good thing (emphasis added):

"My bet is that more Iraqis may defy the risks to vote than has been forecast. Such an outcome would be the first positive turn of events in Iraq since the disastrous US and British invasion of 2003."

But a successful election would be a good thing, right? Well, not entirely - other people might want to have democratic elections as well!

"The illusion would be propagated that, if Iraq in its present state can hold a plausible election, then pretty much every country can proceed on the high road to democracy too: they only have to accept how eminently superior democracy is to all other forms of government."

We sure wouldn't want that to happen!

As I asked in an earlier post, why do people deny the Iraqi people, and others, the freedom of democracy they enjoy?

And Mary, that's a suckers bet as over 80% of Iraqis have said they will vote.

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