Sunday, January 23, 2005

Muslims - "we are sick of this crap."

Jihad Watch Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald reflects on recent Muslim complaints that they are unfairly suspected and discriminated against: "We Muslims living in America are getting sick of this crap."

And since what is Bad about Islam are the actual tenets, and those, assimilated into the brain, cannot be shown in pictures -- though the murderous results of Islamic beliefs, and the results, too, of Islamic practices over 1400 years, can be seen in the reduction of ancient Mesopotamia, and its once-entirely non-Muslim population to what is now an almost entirely Muslim population -- like what you see? would you like America or Europe to turn into that, over time? it won't take 1400 years, but less than a century to throw out all of Western civilization because "we all want the same thing" and "we all share the faith of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar" and...oh good god, fill in the rest of the nonsense yourself, culled from the paper, or some idiotic NPR news program, or something on the Lord Haw Haw broadcasts from the BBC, where the likes of Judy Swallow or Robin Lustig, marionetted from above by the sinister John Simpson (#3 at Bush House), have created a special BBC house blend of anti-Americanism, antisemitism, and therefore, of course, islamophilia, that has by degrees helped to mentally disarm tens of millions of listeners.

No, it is we Infidels who are getting "sick of this crap."


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