Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq - Kofi Annan’s son admits oil dealing

Nice to see legacy media paying more attention to the UN oil for food scandal.

THE son of the United Nations secretary-general has admitted he was involved in negotiations to sell millions of barrels of Iraqi oil under the auspices of Saddam Hussein.

Kojo Annan has told a close friend he became involved in negotiations to sell 2m barrels of Iraqi oil to a Moroccan company in 2001. He is understood to be co-operating with UN investigators probing the discredited oil for food programme.

The alleged admission will increase pressure on Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general, who is already facing calls for his resignation over the management of the humanitarian programme.

The oil for food programme allowed Saddam to sell oil to buy humanitarian supplies under UN supervision. However, it has emerged that the programme was riddled with corruption as Saddam used it to buy influence around the world.

Shame they don't name France, Russia and China outright.

It would also be nice if they would report on the now discredited "US led sanctions killed thousands of Iraqis".

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