Monday, January 24, 2005

UK 'dirty bomb' suspects for trial

CNN is reporting " Three terror suspects have pleaded innocent to charges that they conspired to possess a radioactive substance and entered into funding arrangements linked to terrorism."

I couldn't find anything about this on the BBC site yet. They are probably too busy fabricating anti-American stories.

Roque Flaviano Fernandes, 43, Dominic Agnello Martins, 44, and Abdurahman Kanyare all denied that they conspired to possess a "radioactive mercury-based substance" for terrorist purposes between July 1 and September 25, 2004.

I note that it says "conspired to possess" and not actually possess for CNN tells us the stuff doesn't exist.

"Red mercury" is a substance many scientists doubt exists. Since the Soviet collapse in 1991, black marketeers have been peddling substances they call red mercury, saying it is a highly radioactive compound developed in Soviet nuclear facilities.

Samples that have turned up in Europe have proved to be bogus or far less dangerous than made out to be, many scientists and law enforcement officials have said

How were these guys to know?

Besides, do you think the public would be interested in the nuance of "far less dangerous" when talking about radioactive substances? It's the terror factor that counts.

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