Monday, January 24, 2005

Britain - Boot Bogus Refugees

I posted yesterday about Germany's plans to "Deport Hundreds of Islamists" and asked if the the Dutch follow suit?

If Michael Howard has his way Britain certainly will.

And up to 250,000 bogus refugees already living here illegally will be booted out.

Britain, being polictically correct, merely refers to "bogus refugees".

ALL asylum seekers will be turned away to halt the flood of up to 80,000 who abuse the system each year.

Instead, around 15,000 “genuine refugees” will be accepted from United Nations camps.

Ah, the ever present "loophole".


EU Referendum says you don't even need a loophole.

But the killer point made reveals the famous "elephant in the room" about which this Blog is often so voluble. Mr Howard, says the Scotsman, might also own up to the fact that EU citizens have an automatic right to work in the UK, which rather undermines his claim to being able to cut immigrant numbers to only 15,000 per year.

Is Mr Howard going to own up, or is he going to pretend that the UK still has control over which people, and how many, the British government can admit to the UK?


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