Monday, January 24, 2005

Iraq - BBC Downplay of Elections Continues

Despite The OCV updating its webpage daily the BBC continues to downplay participation of the Iraqi expat vote.

On Sunday The BBC ran the same headline as before - "Iraq exile vote runs into trouble " and had this to say:

By Thursday, the fourth day of registration, fewer than one in 10 Iraqis had registered abroad, out of more than a million eligible voters.

This article is date stamped Sunday, 23 January, 2005, 03:00 GMT.

What the BBC doesn't want you to know is those figures have climbed dramatically. With two days left to register 237704 have done so. That is nearly 25%! If the current rate of 50,000 a day holds the final total could be nearly 350,000 or 35%. Given the short notice and difficulties in registering, I'd say that would be a huge success.

You wouldn't know that by reading the BBC.

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