Friday, January 28, 2005

Iraq - Embeds Telling the Whole Story

Legacy media continue their anti-war drumbeat but thanks to bloggers and some embedded reporters we can get a more accurate picture of the war in Iraq.

I don’t want to go home.

There is a strong pull to stay with these guys. Now I can understand why the man next to me re-enlisted after finishing his duty with this Marine unit. Over breakfast Anthony told me of his family: he has a wife and 2 young children. He had started a building business as he finished his reserve duty and every indication was that his future was as a civilian. He had put in his time. But within days the 1/23 Marine Reserve unit was called up to go to Iraq. The men he had drilled and trained with for years were going into battle. Anthony re-enlisted in the Marine Corps. [...]

The radio show today was held in the chow hall and it was very difficult to describe the last days. I did the best I could and tried to give a complete story not only of the Marines casualties but the victories of the 10 KIA’s, top 2 bad guys out of action, additional high value target captured, and more intelligence taken in as well.

Why do the media not report that? I video taped the live ABC news report from the dam – no mention of the Marines victories – only the losses.

In addition I told our listeners of the stories of Fallujah where the insurgents committed cold blooded murder on the civilians and blamed it on the Marines.

Col. Miller had told me of one thug with an AK47 was shooting while holding a child in front of him as a shield. The Marines took care of that one in a typically effective way – 2 snipers put this plan together in seconds – the first shot the wall next to him which startled him and he dropped the child. The second sniper put a round between his eyes. Marines love good shooting as they are all riflemen.

More stories from a tank commander who told of the insurgent thugs putting a small child in the back of a booby trapped car. The cries of the child did attract the Marines but they efficiently cleared the vehicle and were protected when it was set off and vaporized the “bait”. The Marines were unhurt.

Legacy media don't report that because it doesn't fit their anti-war agenda.

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