Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Iran - Crackdown on Girls under 14

Iran Focus is reporting "649 under-14 girls arrested in Iran capital".

Tehran, Iran, Jan. 23 – The commander of Iran's State Security Forces in Tehran announced that 649 teenage girls under 14 years of age have been arrested in the Iranian capital over the past ten months.

The SSF chief told a press conference in Tehran yesterday, "Of the 59,121 individuals arrested in Tehran over the past ten months, 3969 of them were women; 649 were girls under the age of 14".

The SSF chief said that the Iranian capital was facing both a social and a security crisis, adding that his forces were prepared to crack down on anyone suspected of engaging in activities against the state.

How does an under 14 year old girl engage "in activities against the state"?

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