Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq elections - Syria and Iran nervous

Democratic elections have been held in Afghanistan and for the Palestinians. Now it is Iraq's turn and the sound of ballots hitting is louder than any insurgent's bomb. The sound is heard all over the entire Middle East.

Some people may not realize that expat Iraqis can vote in Syria and Iran. One can only imagine how ordinary Syrians and Iranians must feel as they watch Iraqis freely cast their ballots for who they want to govern them. These elections have lit the fire of freedom and the regimes can't easily extinguish it now.

The huge turnout in the Iraqi elections is sending shock waves throughout the region and putting to rest the notion that these were phony elections.

While all eyes are on Iraq at this historic moment, keep an eye on Syria and Iran for unrest or more signs of a crack down.

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