Monday, January 24, 2005

BBC - No Stone Unturned

It seems more and more people are noticing the BBC's crusade against America.

I don't usually post someone else's entire post but this is short and sweet.

I almost admire the Beeb's diligent efforts to leave no stone unturned in its continuing attempts to foment world-wide hatred against the US. Today they are happy to report that JP Morgan Chase bought a certain bank one year ago, which sometime in its long past, bought two other banks, which, although now long defunct, accepted some slaves as collateral for loans 140+ years ago. The Beeb online runs this non-story in a prominent place on the front page of its "America's Section", under the headline, "JP Morgan Admits Slavery Link," helpfully illustrated by a large US flag flapping in the breeze.

What's next for our beloved Beeb? A front-pager entitled, "McDonald's Admits 'Link' to US Cattle Farm That Stole Its Land From Native Americans 170 Years Ago?" Helpfully illustrated by a US flag flapping in the breeze, of course.

Welcome Adventuress.

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