Monday, January 24, 2005

BBC - "ignorance knows no bounds"

I'm not the only one noticing.

It doesn't help that even the BBC is staffed by people whose ignorance often shows. The report claims that "the new quake was also felt by residents of India's Andamans chain," and later it adds "Monday's fresh quake also brought brief panic to Madras in southern India, which was also badly hit by the tsunami, although there were no new reports of injuries."

This is nonsense. Port Blair in the Andamans was shaken by a minor aftershock of the 26 December whopper. This took place hours after the Sulawesi tremor, and two thousand miles away. There is no connection! Another thousand miles off, Madras felt nothing but the seismic spasm of its understandable fears. BBC's language presumes a palpable quake. The staffer responsible for this embarassment should be assigned to more a fanciful subject, like politics. He or she is too ignorant to write about our planet.

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