Saturday, January 22, 2005

Guardian Beats Up Laura Bush

Norm Blog notes the rabid anti-American UK Guardian's attack on first lady Laura Bush.

The article, by Sharon Krum, contains this:

But the biggest weapon she has up her sleeve, says Marie Wilson ['president of The White House project, an advocacy group for women in politics'], is the way she has (courtesy of her spin-meisters in the White House) framed her husband's disastrous invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq in ways that make Americans - women in particular - feel uplifted and empowered. "After years of being treated as virtual prisoners in their homes by the Taliban, the women of Afghanistan are now able to walk outside their houses without a male escort," she said, boasting of the success of her husband's response to 9/11. What woman wouldn't respond to that message?
[A woman writing for the Guardian obviously]

Got that? Disastrous invasion of Afghanistan.

And how deluded must you be to fall for the line that there's been some progress for women in that country since the Taliban were put to flight? Guardian-reading and -writing women like Sharon Krum know better.

Mark up another one for the great newspaper of British liberalism.

The Guardian and The BBC continue to poison British opinion of America.

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