Thursday, January 27, 2005

BBC - Is Anyone in Control?

Is anyone in control at the BBC?

Last Saturday the BBC ran 3 stories with 3 different stands on the same subject.

Arabs indifferent to new Bush term

Arab press scorns Bush speech

World press electrified by Bush vision

Today I fisked their "the sky is falling" report on Iraq - Post Saddam.

Now the BBC has a story in the Business section saying the exact opposite!

But some progress has been made, largely thanks to the country's oil revenues which have exceeded $22bn since June 2003.

Iraq's infrastructure is on the mend, with notable improvements having been made in areas such as electricity supply, irrigation, telephone networks and the re-opening of hospitals.

Iraq's oil revenues, June 2003-January 2005: $22.89bn

90% of hospitals have been restored to pre-war level of operations

Almost 80,000 mega watt hours (MWH) of electricity is being generated daily - two thirds of the stated goal of 120,000 MWH

About 80% of its irrigation canals have been cleared

2.15 million telephone connections have been made and internet connections have risen tenfold to 110,000

Source: Iraq Index

See what you can do, Beeb, when the people get to keep the oil money?

Absolutely unbelievable!

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