Saturday, January 08, 2005

UK Guardian - Tsunami assault on America

The UK Guardian is using the unprecedented tsunami disaster to mount and unprecedented attack on the US.

How low and how disgusting can a British paper be?

The Guardian is using the suffering of tsunami victims and their families as a grindstone to sharpen their anti-American rhetoric. I can't think of anything more disgusting.

The Guardian hate America and Bush and they want to poison the British public against America. Lucky for them America helped guarantee the freedom of press they enjoy so they can spew forth their vile anti-Americanism.

But to trade on the suffering of the tsunami victims to try and poison the public against one of Britain's closest allies and attack the goodwill of the American public is beyond the pale. What a disgusting excuse for a dog training newspaper.

Last week, shortly after the disaster, it was George "Moonbat" Monbiot who started the Guardians assault on America's generosity. I said this at the time:

And what's this George about "homeless people in the rich world to empty their pockets?" Sandra Bullock, the actress is giving a million dollars, and I really don't think she is homeless, do you Moonbat, er, George?

I'll tell you something else, you moonbat, you better have the government do some checking for benefit fraud if these "homeless" people can give £50 million!!

Today The Age, gives moonbat George a dressing down.

Enter George Monbiot, darling of the left, columnist for The Guardian newspaper, and veteran of the "evil Amerikkka" school of opinion. Amid an epic story of human suffering - and displaying crass indifference to the heroism and sacrifice of a desperate relief effort - Monbiot this week produced a crude polemic on why the United States and its allies ought be held culpable for the humanitarian crisis across the Indian Ocean.

Then The Age scolds the moonbat.

Next, add into the calculations the direct, practical contributions to the emergency efforts. Australia flew into northern Sumatra cargo planes, medics, transport and logistics specialists, and 850 troops. Washington ordered the USS Abraham Lincoln, 20 support ships and more than 9000 troops to sail from Hong Kong.

This huge deployment included floating hospitals, helicopters to fly the wounded or stranded, surveillance aircraft, and equipment to generate millions of litres of drinkable water. As acknowledged by Michael Elmquist, co-ordinator of UN relief operations in Indonesia, the US military had brought to Sumatra unique capacities that would make a critical difference for many tens of thousands of villagers in remote areas.

By any commonsense standard of fairness and decency, these facts would be allowed to speak for themselves. But, for Monbiot, having devoted a lifetime's work to depicting the West as greedy and exploitative, such facts are unhelpful. They must be trumped with prejudice and bile.

In all this, there is one unavoidable - if seldom acknowledged - reality about the world today, as much as Monbiot and his fan club would choose to deny it. Strong, confident, successful societies such as the US and Australia come to the fore at times of crisis such as this for a very simple reason. More often than not, there is nobody else capable or willing.

The Age concludes with this astute observation.

From faraway London, Monbiot froths with moral indignation over how the affluent West has failed the peoples of the Indian Ocean. He is wrong. Grievously wrong.

And were I one of the shell-shocked millions struggling through this desperate nightmare, I know which vision of commitment and compassion I would rather rely upon.

Bad as the moonbat's piece was, that wasn't enough to satisfy the rabid, foaming at the mouth, American hating, dog training newspaper the Guardian, not by a long shot.

Oh, no, their not done yet. Up steps "so called" journalist Simon Tisdall to take up the onslaught for the Guradanista.

My post on his garbage is here.

People we have the power to do something about this low life anti-American propaganda machine masquerading as a newspaper. Use the complaint links on the left and let this dog training piece of crap know how you feel.


I decided to use this post as a starting place to gather all the evidence against the Guardian. Hopefully, this will save everyone having to search for a particular article. I'll add any post that exposes the Guardian's bias here as well as on the main blog.


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Anonymous said...

Alas, no trackback function! You can read my post "Leave it to the Guardian to Blame the US," that takes to task it's author Richard Norton-Taylor who with his willing accomlas printed another in a long line of anti-American screeds. And please note the moonbat he used as a source.

Keep up your fine work dismantleing the BBC, they deserve it.

PS Please forgive the anon post, I hate that sign in crap. No offense intended.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately most of us Brits ignore the Graudian and in spite of the lack of reporting on the BBC (I can scarce beleive it!!) most people do realise that the US Navy has once again shown the world how things should be done.
Pity the Royal Navy has been nearly wiped out or they could help more. Bloody politicians!!

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