Friday, January 21, 2005

Bush Inauguration Protest - The Great No Show

Yesterday I posted "Despite the call to arms from the anti-war movement in the press, TV, radio and on the internet, almost no one showed up to protest."

I noted that only about 800 people showed up at two venues in Washington DC.

There was a massive "call to arms" across the nation by the anti-war movement to protest the inauguration of Bush. In city after city from coast to coast the communist front organization, ANSWER, tried to rally the faithful. They held meetings, posted on the internet, got TV and radio interviews and pressed the flesh on campuses across America. "To arms, to arms", was the rallying call.

Silence was the answer. In short, there was a Great No Show.

In Washington, D.C. - Eight protesters lay down in the street pretending to be dead, with flowers strewn over their bodies.

In New Orleans - About 1,500 protesters joined a "Jazz Funeral for Democracy" in New Orleans. [New Orleans will party for any reason]

In Baltimore - At a mock inauguration in Baltimore, a woman wearing a Bush mask gave a pretend speech, stumbling over her words, and a guitarist played Bob Dylan's "Gates of Eden," which opens, "Of war and peace the truth just twists." Passing cars, buses and taxis honked horns in support, and a pedestrian raised a fist.

In Ohio - At the federal courthouse in Akron, Ohio, about 20 demonstrators stood on a snowy street corner. [Seems Ohio thinks there was no widespread voter fraud]

In Las Vegas - In Las Vegas, about 30 peace activists talked on the steps of the federal courthouse about issues they said need to be emphasized -- love, the environment and the Bill of Rights.

In Texas - About 50 demonstrators beat drums outside the statehouse in Austin, Texas, as part of a "kiss in," when they all "make out, not make war."

In San Francisco - In San Francisco, military veteran Steve Morse, stood outside city hall with a poster that read: "To Party Big While Our Troops Die is Obscene." [No numbers are given, so we can assume they were small]

Not surprising that hardly anyone answered the call.

ANSWER, Stop the War Coalition and Not In My Name have all been exposed as communist front organizations. No one listens to them anymore.

Main stream media have been exposed by bloggers siding with the left. Dan Rather and CBS tried to use forged documents to steal the election from Bush. The New York Times tried to derail Bush's campaign with a bogus story on missing explosives in Iraq. Most of main stream media jumped on any story, no matter how suspect, that was negative for Bush. That same media ignored proof that the challenger, John Kerry, lied about his service in Vietnam. Many are not listening to them anymore.

Even Britain tried to get into the act. The UK's Guardian newspaper emailed voters in Ohio urging them to vote for Kerry. A plan that blew up in their face. Even the mighty BBC got in the act by publishing articles alleging US war crimes in Iraq based on fabricated stories by anti-war activists. Many are not listening to them anymore.

It's taken over 30 years and it probably took the invention of the Internet and bloggers, to expose the anti-war movement for the communist front that it is. Now that it has, anti-war demonstrations in the future will probably be a Great No Show.


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