Monday, January 10, 2005

BBC's lies, fabrications and bias

The BBC will stop at nothing to further it's far left wing agenda, going so far as to fabricate reports, lie and support terrorists. Not only does the BBC admit to much of this, at times they even boast of it. This site and Biased BBC website have documented the BBC's bias, lies and fabrications for years.

Note: Sources sometimes move their links resulting in a dead link. I will try and find the new link or alternate ones as they arise.

BBC support for terrorists

1996 - BBC employees join al Jazeera.

2001 - Four days after 9/11 the BBC stacks an on air audience with anti-American people.

2003 - BBC reporter becomes managing editor of al Jazeera's English website. Tucker equates Bush to bin Laden. "Bin Laden was saying pretty radical, clash-of-the-civilizations type things that were no different in intellectual thrust than Bush's comments about a crusade."

2004 - BBC hires editor and chief of al Jazeera to train BBC editors.

2004 - Former Al Jazeera presenter to head BBC Arabic news service

2005 - More BBC employees join al Jazeera. David Frost, who will continue to work for the BBC, Nigel Parsons, the former staffer for BBC. Frost says he finds the new channel "a perfectly friendly environment" because there are so many ex-BBC staffers.

BBC presenter Stephen Cole becomes news anchor for al Jazeera in London.

2005 - BBC airs documentary and claims al Qaeda is a "myth" and "illusion".

2005 - 7/7 the BBC's "myth" blows up in London and John Simpson calls them "misguided criminals ".

2005 - Days after 7/7 the BBC hosts an on air discussion to gauge the public's reaction the Muslim terror bombings - and stacks the audience with Muslims 5 to 1 against non Muslims.

2005 - In the aftermath of the 7/7 terror attacks the BBC orders its staff not to refer to the Muslim terrorist as "terrorists" despite calling the attacks terrorism.

2006 - BBC Arabic TV appoints former Al Jazeera employee as news editor.

BBC newsreader Darren Jordon joins al-Jazeera

2006 - BBC's John Simpson calls al Qaeda the resistance.

2006 - John Simpson says Iran is a democracy.

2007 - BBC helps establish Iran's propaganda TV and website

BBC bans Muslim terror script

BBC cover up in Turkish hijacking

BBC apologies to the Taleban

BBC supports Hizb ut-Tahrir

BBC: "no army on earth as mobile as the Taleban."

BBC continues to lie about Lebanese civilian casualties

BBC offers Palestinians propaganda 'support'

The BBC love their terrorists.

BBC cover for the Taliban

BBC's Simpson: Britain an US failed in Basra

An Anatomy of Surrender

BBC knew of link to failed 21/7 bombers

BBC on terrorists speed dial

Iraq - BBC lies and fabrications

Paul Adams, the BBC's defense correspondent, reports the BBC is lying in its Iraq reporting.

Then there's this story from the BBC headlined "Iraq health care 'in deep crisis' ". You have to do some research to find out that the BBC source, "Medcat", is an anti war group and then you have to research further to find out Medcat's report was based on interviews with unidentified people in Jordan!

In this case the BBC uses a well known anti war activist and reporter to fabricate alleged war crimes by the US in Iraq.

Here's another case of the BBC using well known anti-war activists to fabricate reports from Iraq.

2006 - BBC caught fabricating UK Army desertion story.

BBC fabricates report from Falluja

BBC Bias - Iraqi vs Palestinian Elections
BBC Admits it Lied About Iraq War Casualties Also see here and here.

BBC's Paxman writes about Saddam's WMDs

BBC bans news stars from anti-war march

Ark Royal switches to Sky News because BBC too biased

BBC falsely claims US killed journalists

BBC banned reporters from calling tyrant Saddam Hussein a former dictator.

BBC falsely claims US killed journalists - again!


Afghanistan - BBC lies and fabrications

BBC fabricates civilian death report

BBC fabricates another civilian death report.


Support for Palestinian terrorists

The BBC's Middle East reporter, Barbara Plett cried on air for Arafat.

BBC cover up over Palestinian terrorist.

BBC Bias - Iraqi vs Palestinian Elections

Fayad Abu Shamala, the BBC correspondent in Gaza for the past 10 years, at a Hamas rally in May 2001 said: "Journalists and media organizations [are] waging the campaign shoulder-to-shoulder together with the Palestinian people."
The Times has more on Shamala's remarks.
Palestinian Terrorists - Spreading the Propaganda
BBC cover up at Heathrow Airport

BBC offers Palestinians propaganda 'support'

Where does the BBC get its Gaza numbers from?


BBC anti-Israeli reporting

BBC ignores Israel's tsunami disaster efforts.

BBC - No Jews in Holocaust UPDATE The BBC stealth edited this article and it now contains a mention of the Jews.

BBC admits anti-Israeli bias - video

BBC revises Middle East history.

BBC presenter says Israelis should be shot.

BBC apologies for claiming Israeli soldier punished for refusing to kill Palestinian children.

BBC online censured for anti-Israel bias

BBC admits inaccuracies in coverage

BBC promoting Islam

BBC only uses "Muslim" when portraying them as victims.

BBC whitewashes Muslim views of Christians.

BBC forced to removed 'bastard' slur about Jesus

BBC bans Muslim terror script

Living in a Bubble

BBC promoting Islam

BBC forced to removed 'bastard' slur about Jesus

BBC only uses "Muslim" in positive reporting.


BBC Promoting EU

BBC pro EU Bias Caught on Air

BBC pro EU bias investigation

BBC programmes 'heavily biased in favour of EU'

We made errors in report, says BBC

4 May 2000: 'Today' censured over implying Churchill favored the EU


BBC Fakes and scams

BBC admits faking Scottish independence poll.

BBC appoints former BBC executive for "independent" investigation of the BBC.

Head of Ofcom investigating BBC is former BBC exec.

Former BBC employees sit on Ofcom's board.

The BBC's great wind scam.

BBC's 'Queen' production firm in fresh row

Company behind BBC fake Queen video are former BBC execs.

BBC admits faking wildlife story.

BBC Panorama chief will face police questions over forged documents.
BBC Caught Hiring Hecklers

False Claims over Galloway report.

Lying for Koffi Annan

BBC caught in Bhopal hoax

BBC fakes Top of the Pops and wild life show.

BBC appoints former BBC executive for "independent" investigation of the BBC.

BBC Wikipedia vandal and censor warned

BBC fakes Gordon Brown film

Here at the BBC, we are masters at distortion and lies.

BBC facing more editing scandals



The BBC's Washington Correspondent, Justin Webb, openly braggs that he is painting a false and negative picture of America.

former royal correspondent Jenny Bond describe Bush as "looking like a chimp and talking like a baboon".

Hannah Bayman on US elections: "instead of a warmongering, oil-grubbing, vote-rigging, drink-driving - haven't you seen Fahrenheit 9/11? - weapons-of-mass-destruction-buying, Kyoto-smashing, bible-bashing, chimp."

BBC - US tsunami effort "superfluous"

BBC calls US Senators "American Twats"

BBC stacks US election coverage with anti Bush commentators.

BBC falsely claims US killed journalists

BBC blames US sanctions for Iranian air crash - the plane was Russian

BBC blames US for Iranian plane crash - again!

BBC erases all traces of lies over Bush speech


BBC admissions that the BBC is far left wing

The BBC's own internal investigation found the BBC is institutionally biased.

Today the BBC have admitted that they are anti American, anti British, pro Islamist and " dominated by trendy, Left-leaning liberals who are biased against Christianity and in favour of multiculturalism." 21 Oct 2006 In case the Mail moves the article you can read most of it here at my blog.

Even Senior BBC executives say the BBC no longer represents the British public. Klein said: "By and large, people who work at the BBC think the same and it's not the way the audience thinks. That's not long term sustainable." "We pride ourselves on being 'of the people', and it's pathetic.....Channel 4 tends to laugh at people, the BBC ignores them."

Former BBC producer Anthony Jay says of his years at the BBC "we were anti-industry, anti-capitalism, anti-advertising, anti-selling, anti-profit, anti-patriotism, anti-monarchy, anti-Empire, anti-police, anti-armed forces, anti-bomb, anti-authority. Almost anything that made the world a freer, safer and more prosperous place, you name it, we were anti it."

BBC reports "littered with errors".

'Confessions of a Reformed BBC Producer

BBC out of touch with the British public

BBC employees admit they are left wing

BBC infested with far left liberals
The BBC's support for dictators

Cubans are wrong to leave

the BBC pushes Cuba's propaganda.


What others are saying about the BBC

BBC - Aiding and abetting the enemy

BBC - Abuse of Media Power

More here
BBC - Enemy of the State

Living in a Bubble

BBC wins dishonest reporter of the year for 2005.

Proof the BBC is a danger to society

On Sunday [12 Mar 2006] there were two articles condemning the BBC's anti-American agenda, one in the Washington Post and one in the Washington Times.

Yesterday, Peter Glover writing at TCS tore into the BBC.

BBC ratings lowest ever - Mar 06

6 Month study finds bias at the BBC

The protocols of the BBC

Strange to see The Observe/Guardian reporting bad news on its' evil twin, The BBC.

John Redwood responds to the BBC's smear

Terror victims are BBC licence-payers, too

Carol Thatcher: How the BBC disgraced my mother

The BBC: A cauldron of hate for Margaret Thatcher

BBC out of touch with the public

Crisis-prone BBC needs management clear-out

Trust in BBC has plummeted

BBC no longer knows right from wrong, truth from fakery


BBC is a 'culture of deception'

BBC – Busy Blurting Confessions

A few questions for Frank Gardner and the BBC.

BBC falsely blames US for civilian deaths in Iranian air crahses.

BBC radio phone-in silences the elderly

BBC journalists not eligilbe for Nobel prize.

Complaints about the BBC double in one year.

Great capital city. Shame about the awful BBC Baker in the Times.

What is the loneliest job in Britain? Being a Tory at the BBC From insider Robin Aitken

The BBC became too PC for me, says veteran Sissons



BBC Amends Faulty Article on Iraqi Jews

Exposing the BBC's Hannah Bayman. See more about her under "Anti-Americans".

British anti-Americanism 'based on misconceptions'

Brown hires BBC spin doctor.


Other sites reporting on BBC lies, fabrications and bias.

Biased BBC

BBC Watch

BBC Bias


Hunt's esnips catalogue of BBC articles.


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