Saturday, April 17, 2004

Are Muslims starting to get the message to speak out against Islamic terrorists?

Maybe, but they are still not going far enough in my opinion.

Here is an interesting item from Arab News via The Agonist

Haram Imam Urges Muslims to Foil Attacks by Terrorists
Staff Writer

RIYADH, 17 April 2004 — The imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah told Muslims yesterday it was their duty to foil terror attacks as the Kingdom battles Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists.

Describing the terrorists as “deviants” and “outcasts”, the imam, Sheikh Saleh Bin-Humaid, told thousands of worshipers who thronged the Grand Mosque to inform authorities about “this misguided lot whose ignorance of their faith made them kill fellow Muslims in the name of Islam”.

“What is happening these days in this holy land is a rash act of aggression,” Bin-Humaid said in the sermon aired live on television.

Er, no, Mr. Humaid, this is not a "rash act of aggression"; it is an all out war. A war in which moderate Muslims continue to sit on the sidelines in silence. This is an all to rare instance of a Muslim leader telling worshipers to "inform authorities" of terrorists. You and other Muslim leaders, need to go further and denounce, by name, bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the rest. The Muslim community need to brand bin Laden and members of Al-Qaeda as "outcasts" and "non-Muslims" in order for us to start believing you.

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