Thursday, April 29, 2004

‏Jordanians march against terrorism, burn pictures of Bin Laden

From Kuwait News Agency

Jordanians march against terrorism, burn pictures of Bin Laden‏
‏ AMMAN, April 29 (KUNA) -- Some 250,000 Jordanians led by Queen Rania staged ‏‏a demonstration in the Jordanian capital on Thursday expressing outrage and ‏condemnation of terrorism namely a recent uncovered plan to carry out an ‏attack intended to kill civilians randomly with chemical materials.

The protestors, who poured into the capital from various governorates of ‏‏the counry, brandished slogans and placards, condemning terrorism and the ‏recent bid to carry out attacks on sensitive targets in the kingdom. The ‏‏protest marched from the Labor Union headquarters to the National Assembly ‏‏building.‏

Sentiments of the people, expressed in this demonstration, emanate from ‏‏their keenness on maintaining the security and stability the homeland, the ‏queen said. She added that fighting terrorism is a common responsibility that ‏should be shouldered by the security forces and the ordinary citizens.‏

‏The protestors, upon arrival at the parliament building, set alight ‏pictures of Usama Bin Laden, Abu Mesaab Al-Zarqawi and ten people who planned ‏‏the chemical attacks.

We got to see film of this on major television stations! This needs to happen in every country.

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