Thursday, April 29, 2004

Strange Saudi goings on

Now this is strange.

From Channel News Asia

RIYADH : An Indian who escaped the clutches of a gang of suspected terrorists only to lead police to an enclave they were hiding in north of Riyadh has identified one of his captors as senior Al-Qaeda member Abdul Aziz al-Muqrin.

The Indian, who identified Muqrin from police photos, was held by "five terrorists" and said the group had forced him to carry their belongings and help them negotiate the rugged landscape of Al-Ammariya, Arab News said, quoting sources.

This raises a host of questions.

Who is this unnamed Indian? Why is he so important that "the" senior Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia would personally kidnap him? What is such a "high value", at least seemingly to Al-Qaeda, doing in Saudi Arabia? How was he able to escape five kidnappers including, again, the senior Al-Qaeda member in all of Saudi Arabia?

It gets even more strange.

From SiFy News

Surprisingly, however, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is in the dark about both the Indian and the incident. MEA director Venu Rajamony said he was unaware of the event.

Navtej Sarna, MEA spokesperson, said the ministry was not informed of the developments. Officials in the Indian embassy in Riyadh too had been kept in the dark about the developments.

Head of Chancery Sanjay Rana from Riyadh said the embassy officials would find out more.

However, according to sources, there was no reported information about any kidnapping of any Indian in Riyadh.

Very strange.

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