Monday, April 26, 2004

What it's like to be a Marine trapped in Falluja From Blackfive

This article tells the story, in their own words, of a group of Marines who were trapped in Falluja.

Stranded Marines fight to last bullets
From James Hider in Fallujah
April 16, 2004

THE 15 Marines were trapped in a house, surrounded by hundreds of Iraqis armed with rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles, their armoured vehicle in flames on the street outside. Each man was down to his last two magazines. “It was in my head, we just got to go. Whoever makes it back, makes it back, those who fall, fall,” said Staff Sergeant Ismail Sagredo, sitting in the relative safety of Bravo Company’s forward base yesterday, as mortars and machinegun fire sounded a few streets away.

“That was the decision I’d have had to make, and I’m glad I didn’t have to do it.”

It was one of the most dramatic actions of the war.

Great article, well worth reading the whole thing.

SPECIAL NOTE: I recently wrote an article condemning the BBC for using an anti-war activist as the prime source for some outlandish claims about US forces.

The source, a well known anti-war activist, calimed that in Falluja, the scene of the fighting above, she saw "US gunmen firing at ambulances and civilians."

Note this paragraph in Hider's story.

In the midst of the firefight, with the armoured vehicle’s munitions blowing up, an ambulance pulled up. The Marines thought they were being rescued. Instead, 15 men with RPGs jumped out and started firing.

Believe who you want. Personaly, I'll believe a Marine fighting for his life over an anti-war activist fighting for publicity anytime.

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