Thursday, April 29, 2004

Syria blames al-Qaida-linked group for attacks

From The Guardian

The Syrian government yesterday blamed a terrorist group that could be related to al-Qaida for the violence in the diplomatic quarter of Damascus that left four dead.
Syrian security, the most-feared in the Middle East, was last night holding two of the alleged gunmen and also raided a house in which a cache of weapons was said to be hidden.

A Syrian official said yesterday that the government had not yet "100% established the group's identity".

But he added: "It seems to be an al-Qaida-style group or some group that shares their ideology."

He recalled that the Muslim Brotherhood, a forerunner of al-Qaida that still exists in Syria, had been responsible for a series of attacks in the early 1980s, including an assassination attempt on the present president's father.

Jordan, Saudi Arabia and now Syria; where next?

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