Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A parent should not have to bury their children

I have three children, ages 7, 8 and 14 and we love them dearly. That is why an article like this from The BBC is heart wrenching.

Three explosions have hit police stations in Iraq's second city of Basra with many dead and injured including pre-school children.

Reuters news agency quoted police and witnesses as saying a car carrying children to kindergarten had been caught in one of the blasts.

Our thoughts go out to the parents of those children. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and grief they are feeling now.

Those children were Iraq's future; a free Iraq. Now some muderous scum of the earth has tried to end that future.

To those that perpetrated this terrible crime I say rot in hell. Your day is coming soon and I hope you are shown no mercy.

To those that want the coalition to pull out of Iraq I say go to hell. Why do you want to abandon the Iraqi people in their hour of need with freedom just in sight? Do not dare tell me that the attack happened because we are there and it is our fault. Saddam and his murderous thugs were killing thousands of innocent men, women and children. Thankfully, because of the coalition sacrifices in human costs, that reign of terror has ended.

To those pulling out of Iraq I say shame on you. You turn your backs on the Iraqi people when their long sought freedom is just in sight. Now is not the time to turn tail and run; now is the time to stand firm. Now is the time for you to show that the word freedom actually means something in your country; something worth dying for. For without it you might as well be dead. If you run now the peoples of the world to whom you preach freedom is the dearest thing in the world, will laugh at you and heap scorn on you. And rightfully so. Freedom obviously means very little in you country.

To those not sending troops to Iraq I say shame on you and see above. Once again it serves your own ends to let America and her allies carry the heavy burden while you sit idly by and use their suffering for you political ends. While at the same time continuing to allow innocent Iraqis to be murdered. What kind of people are you?

To Spain I say shame on you. You have given in to the blackmailer and you will continue to pay him for some time to come. You have listened to his demands and changed your government and he now controls your military. Your very liberties will be next because he now knows just how little freedom really means to you.

To all of the above I say look at your own children and look at the children playing nearby. Are those children somehow worth more than Iraqi children? If those children were under attach would you not do all in your power to protect them? Then do your duty as a human being and help protect the Iraqi children.

It is 6:30 am now and my children are just starting to arise. I will hold them a little closer this morning. I will tell them what has happened in Iraq. I will tell them about the brave people who give their life, dying in a foreign land, saving children just like them.

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