Friday, April 23, 2004

Moderate Muslims claim that radical Muslims do not speak for Islam.

Then who does?

As my usual readers will know I have repeatedly called for moderate Muslims to speak out against bin Laden and others to no avail. They remain silent and let radicals speak for them.

Here is a case in point.

MUSLIM leader Sheikh Abu Hamza has told young British supporters that murder, bank robbery and looting are legitimate weapons against the enemies of Islam. From The Mirror

Now moderate Muslims will tell you that is not true and disavow Hamza's remarks. But then we find this:

Ask the Scholar From Islam on Line. via Harry's Place

Fatwa Question Details

Name Iyad - United Arab Emirates
Title Robbing Jewish Banks

Question What is the legal ruling on a Muslim robbing Jewish banks to help the Muslim fighters (who defend their countries and rights) all over the world?

Date 20/Apr/2004

Sheikh Faysal Mawlawi



"Islam is Almighty Allah’s message to all humankind that aims at establishing right and justice among all people. Hence, it is not lawful to steal non-Muslims’ property. This may be lawful only in one case, that is when there is a war ongoing between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The question then is, are we at war with each other? Hamza and his followers think so. Silence from moderate Muslims make one wonder what they think.

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