Sunday, April 25, 2004

Exposing George Galloways lies

I've made no secret of my contempt for this man and have said many times I will pop a bottle of bubbly when he goes behind bars where he belongs. You don't have to take my word for it. Read this article from The Telegraph via Scott Burgess

George Galloway: This is the same story, based on the same dubious sources and documents that I'm suing The Daily Telegraph over.

The Telegraph: It's not. The Telegraph's reporter David Blair discovered files in the Iraqi foreign ministry in April last year. The papers purported to show that Mr Galloway had met an Iraqi secret service agent on Boxing Day 1999 and had asked for more financial support from Saddam's regime for his "projects and future plans for the benefit of Iraq".

According to the papers, he had allegedly already received at least £375,000 from the Iraqi authorities. We carried his denials in full at the time.

In January this year Iraqi newspaper Al Mada published a report based on an entirely separate set of documents that purported to record the 270 oil voucher beneficiaries.


George Galloway: I have never received a penny, a cent or a voucher - not even a luncheon voucher - directly or indirectly from the former Iraqi regime.

The Telegraph: On 21 April last year, Mr Galloway told this newspaper that his Mariam Appeal fund had received money from Fawaz Zureikat, a Jordanian businessman. The fund was founded in part to help a young Iraqi girl suffering from leukaemia.

But Mr Galloway also told this newspaper: "The Mariam Appeal is a political campaign which was involved in a life or death struggle with the might of the British and American state and against a tide of hostility from powerful newspapers like your own which were extremely hostile to it."

He also said: "[Zureikat] was an extremely generous benefactor of the Mariam Appeal."

Read the whole article to find out more.

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