Monday, April 26, 2004

Deranged cleric derails deportation

From The Daily Star

Abu Hamza, aka Hamza the Hook, has hoodwinked the British justice system. You are not going to believe this.

Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza has been given another nine months to avoid deportation.


And why you ask.

But the year-long legal battle to decide the 44-year-old's future has been delayed by Hamza's failure to produce any evidence in his defence and by rows about legal aid that could cost taxpayers up to 250,000.

Excuse me? If he didn't produce any evidence in his defence that is his fault.

Here is what he is accused of.

Ian Burnett QC, counsel for Mr Blunkett, told the hearing that Hamza had "provided support and advice to terrorist groups" including the GIA, an Algerian group, the Yemeni IAA group, an Egyptian organisation called the EIJ, a Kashmiri group called the HUA and "of course" al Qaida.

Hamza has "encouraged and supported the promotion of individuals in physical aspects of jihad fighting overseas and engaging in terrorist acts", Mr Burnett told the hearing.

He said Hamza had used the Finsbury Park mosque as a "centre of extremism and a safe haven for Islamic extremists, enabling them to develop the support and contacts necessary to further violent aims". Hamza also "promoted anti-western sentiment and violence through his teachings," Mr Burnett argued

Go figure.

UPDATE: Just found The Times article which is better.

Ian Burnett, QC, counsel for the Government, expressed his irritation with the delay, which has been fuelled by a wrangle over Abu Hamza's estimated £250,000 legal aid costs.

He told the tribunal: "We have just been told that Mr Hamza has chosen not to prepare his appeal over the last few months.

Why not just dismiss the appeal then?

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