Saturday, April 24, 2004

Copy of an email I sent to Bill Oreilly at Fox News

Mr. Oreilly,

I am writing to you in regards to an outrageous article on the BBC's website wherein they accuse "US gunmen [of] firing at ambulances and civilians."

The article is here BBC

These comments only inflame anti-US sentiment and increases the danger of attack on US forces. What is worse, there is not one shred of evidence in this entire article.

"Humanitarian workers speak of US gunmen firing at ambulances and civilians."

The BBC does not name the agency in question, nor do they name the head of the agency even though the quote him thus:

"By who? The probability is by US snipers," he said." We therefore are unable to determine the background of the man or the agency.

We are given the name of the "humanitarian" worker, who makes the most damaging accusations, quoted in the article.

"British aid worker Jo Wilding said an ambulance she was in, with flashing lights, siren blaring and "ambulance" written on it in English, was hit as it drove to collect a woman in premature labour.

Ms Wilding is sure the shots came from American troops.

"You can tell the shape of US marine from a mujahideen - even if you can only see a silhouette, the helmet and flak jacket are quite distinctive. Also, we were in a US-controlled part of town," she told BBC News Online."

"British aid worker"? Jo Wilding is one of the most well known anti-war activists in the UK. She was arrested for attacking the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. She regularly writes for the most anti-American newspaper in Britain - The Guardian.

A Google search of her name will reveal numerous anti-war writings and sites by Ms Wilder. The BBC is well aware of this and yet they publish such an outlandish article.

I wrote an analysis here USS Neverdock

The BBC is so well known around the world that most believe it speaks for all of Britain.

the American public and the world public need to know about the unrelenting anti-American campaign currently being waged by the BBC.

The BBC need to be held accountable for inciting violence against US forces in Iraq.

Thank you.

Marc Landers, CTTC, USN, Ret

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