Saturday, April 17, 2004

Peng Dingkang, now there is a name you don't hear every day.

Do you know who he is? No? Ok, a few hints then.

He used to work for the Conservative Party; started in 1966 and was an MP from 1979-1992. Still don't know?

Ok last hint. He was Chairman of the Conservative Party from 1990 until 1992.

Right - Peng Dingkang is Chris Paten! He was given an official Chinese name Peng Dingkang for his governorship of Hong Kong.

Currently he is EU Commissioner for External Affairs.

We haven't heard from ole Chris in a while; wonder what's on his mind? From The Scotsman

The Iraq conflict has become "much more serious" than the Vietnam war, EU Commissioner for External Affairs Chris Patten has said.

Speaking at a conference of EU foreign ministers in Tullamore, Co Offaly in the Irish Republic, Mr Patten said: "The comparison that Iraq could become as difficult an issue as Vietnam is misplaced because I think it is arguably much more serious.

Oh, for heaven sake Chris, get a grip man. America's losses alone in Viet Nam were 55,000; I don't think they have reached even 1000 in Iraq yet. Tragic losses to be sure but not even close to Viet Nam. The politics are all different as well. Too many posts on this Viet Nam smokescreen already and I have better things to do.

Sounds like ole Chris and the EU are not getting enough say in this Iraq thingy and are shaking their rattle.

Seems they had too much wine at this conference. Brian Cowen, Irish minister for foreign affairs, said the UN's participation in the political transition process was essential.

What is going to happen to these UN boys when they get to Iraq and meet up with some Iraqis that want their oil money back? Hey, you never know, they might want a cup of Koffi.

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