Thursday, April 29, 2004

You know you have problems when your are out of beer!

From Iraq at a Glance

I went to a neighborhood north of Baghdad, I was looking left and right before I decided to enter that sector, it was a dark street, God, I had to enter that narrow dark street, it took me a minute of silence and thinking ‘should I get in?’, ‘what if those idiots bombed the place?’, then I said ‘whatever happens..I don’t care’.. So I entered, I walked about 20 meters and turned left and stood in front of the metallic door, this door has a small opening in the corner, I called carefully ‘hey..anybody here?’, the fat man came by ‘yes, what do you need?’ I replied ‘ nine’ he said ‘ nine of what?’ I replied ‘beer’ !!

So, all the above dangerous steps are for beer !!! I hated myself for that, the neighborhood I used to buy from has been bombed by the crazy Islamists and the poor owners are no longer opened, God damn it, when will we get rid of those too?

The worst thing was when I got the beer and went back home, we drank and drank, then my friend lifted the can and read the expire date.. It was March 22 !!!

I feel your pain!

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