Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Internet now has a soul - The blogshpere

What can blogging do for you?

I ask myself why I do it sometimes. Correction my wife says, all the time more like it; for me it is addictive.

We all have our reasons why we do it and I don't want this to be about me. Blogging has grown much larger than all of us.

Take this article from USA Today

Iraqis enjoy new freedom of expression on Web journals

The article tells the story of some Iraqi bloggers; some pro and some anti-US. That is a good thing, we need both sides of the argument. I have some of these bloggers linked on my page and add others from time to time.

It is a really good article and I hope soon to read a similar article about bloggers from Iran, Egypt and others. There are a few of them and I have them linked on my site. If you haven't visited some of them you do not know what you are missing - history in the making.

The final paragraph kind of sums it up for me.

The brothers say they won't bow to the high-tech threats. They say their postwar access to the Internet has been a form of liberation. "I am not afraid," Ali says. "I was afraid all my life. I will not go back to living in fear."

Mainstream media has yet to take blogging seriously; that is sad and a mistake.

For me the Internet finally has a soul - The Blogsphere.

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