Friday, April 23, 2004

BBC blames UK for Muslim extremism

I wonder if the BBC bosses read this story by By Dominic Casciani BBC News Online community affairs reporter.

Extremism among young Muslims in the UK is growing amid failure to combat alienation and "botched" handling of anti-terror laws, says a race watchdog.

Let me get this straight. We are talking about young Muslims born and bred in the UK where they attend UK schools, get medical treatment on the NHS, get state benefits and have access to UK television which airs all manner of Muslim related shows and current affairs programs. These young Muslims attend UK schools where they are taught religious tolerance in Religious Education (RE) classes. Many of these young Muslims parents were asylum seekers who were granted asylum by the UK and received benefits which allowed them to prosper.

Their "alienation" has more to do with Muslim terrorist like Hamza the Hook living the UK and spreading terrorism.

Note that I use the term terrorism while the BBC prefer "Radicalisation" when referring to terrorist. That is until the BBC refer to the UK government then it will use the word "terror". Such as in a comment like this:

But the government had to stop the "terror" unleashed on UK Muslims by the security powers which followed 9/11.

Neat, huh? They are radicals and the UK government are the terrorists. Now tell me again who is responsible for this "alienation".


"Most of these young people when they come to look at reality see they have no other choice than to be British.

What the hell is that all about? "No other choice"? "Sorry son we tried to make it a Muslim state and failed. You will just have to face up to it - your British" Is that what this guy is saying?

Look at this next paragraph.

"The Muslim community has to stand up and be counted as a British Muslim community and re-engage with young people who we have failed to engage for the last three decades.

Why not just a British community? No "alienation" in that.


However, he stressed wider society had to recognize the impact of anti-terrorism laws were having on law-abiding citizens.

The Muslim community has to recognize the impact of Muslim terrorism on wider society. I have yet to read, hear or see any Muslim leader denounce, by name, bin Laden, Al-Qaeda or any other Muslim terrorist. All they ever say is we condemn the killing of innocent people. The inference is that those killed were not innocent but legitimate targets. I have seen Muslims on television both here and in the US being pressed by an interviewer to condemn bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. They will not do it. The shuffle about, squirm, and say well you know this and you see that and then usually bring up the Palestinians.

I've said many times, the Muslim community is not doing enough to convince the British public that they are against terrorism. I have repeatedly made suggestions that they organize a peace march against bin Laden and all Muslim terrorist. We have seen many peace protests and rallies in the past against the war in Iraq and others. Why not a peace protest against this war on the west?

What a message that would send to bin Laden. What a message that would send to the British public.

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