Friday, April 30, 2004

Britain releases terror suspects

From ITV

This is almost getting to the Keystone Kops level. What on earth is going on with British intelligence?

More than half the people arrested in anti-terror raids in the UK since the September 11 attacks were eventually released without charge.

According to Scotland Yard figures, fewer than one in five of the 572 held in such police operations were charged with terrorism-related offences.

The figures come one day after Greater Manchester Police said none of the ten arrested in recent raids are being charged with terrorism offences.

Even though over 700 officers were involved in the operation!


Of those arrested under UK anti-terror laws since attacks on the US, 289 were released without charge and 283 faced further police action.

Of those, 97 have been charged with an offence under terror laws, up to and including today.

The Home Office believe there have been six convictions for terror-related offences over the same period.

Six out of 572! No wonder Al-Qaeda like to operate out of the UK. The benefits are good, you are not likely to be caught, if you do get caught you won't get convicted, and even if convicted you probably won't be deported.


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