Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Fox and Al Jazeera compared

The Bigpharaoh answers a readers comments about Fox news and Al Jazeera

To me, Aljazeera is becoming more like the arab Fox News

That is a very misleading comment. I agree, Fox News is overly patriotic and biased towards the US government, but I would like to present the following differences:

Fox: Independent, owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch, can kick government butt if it wants to.
Al-Jazerah: Not independent, receives $30 million from the ruler of Qatar and it will kiss Doha goodbye if it kicked Qatar butt.

F: Does not incite violence nor call for murder
AJ: Incites violence and indirectly calls for murder of Iraqi officials and coalition members (80% of Iraqis are against that)

F: Did not take bribes from Saddam nor collaborated with his intelligence agency
AJ: Took bribes from Saddam and collaborated with his intelligence agency

F: Twists some truth
AJ: Twists the truth and nothing but the truth

F: Most importantly, wants Iraq to be a decent nation and a beacon of decency in the region
AJ: Doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Iraq being a decent nation and a deacon of decency in the region as long as the coalition is in trouble.

Sounds about right.

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