Saturday, April 17, 2004

Did a recent anti-American poll by the biased BBC prompt bin Laden's truce offer?

The American Thinker thinks so.

Solid evidence has emerged to suggest that a recent poll by the BBC’s World Service, was not only systematically rigged, but that bin Laden’s offer of a truce with Europe a mere six days after the survey’s results were published, may indicate that the BBC’s anti-American propaganda is aiding, abetting and encouraging bin Laden’s strategy to divide America and Europe.

The BBC reported the poll’s results in a web article on the 9th of April 2004, titled: 'US is bigger threat than terror.' According to the BBC, the 1500 respondents of the survey were all viewers of its news and international channel.

Powerful stuff! Note howerver, the original title has been changed to: Globalisation 'bigger threat than terror'
But thanks to The Daily Ablution you can find the Google cache version

There's more

The following is part of a BBC document which proves how the “smoking gun” question making “globalization” and America synonymous was put to the poll’s respondents:

Global superpower/globalisation (power of USA and corporations) 52.3%
Corruption 51.7%
Conflicts (wars, terrorism) 50%
Hunger 49%
Climate change (global warming) 44%

Why didn’t they separate the “Global superpower”, which conveniently could only mean the US, and “globalization” as two different choices for respondents? The BBC would have been well aware that “globalization” is not an issue exclusive to American corporations. All international companies and organizations, publicly or privately owned - including the media - are responsible for “globalization”.

In fact, the BBC is an excellent example of “globalization” in practice. If anything, they pioneered the spirit of “globalization” decades ago with the roll-out of the BBC World Service, which ironically, happens to be the same BBC division responsible for this rigged poll.

Read the whole article to find out the answer to this:

That this poll was rigged is an open and shut case, but where does Bin Laden fit into all this?

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