Sunday, April 18, 2004

"Independent" confirmation of US killing civilians in Falluja!

The folks at Common Dreams, which bills itself as a progressive newswire, say they have confirmation of the killing by US forces of 100s of civilians in Falluja.

According to them you should be believing Al Jazeera and not CNN. Why? Because "... Qatar-based Al Jazeera has been one of the only news networks broadcasting from the inside, relaying images of destruction and civilian victims-- including women and children.

Gee, wonder who the other news networks are? Why haven't we seen their pictures to back up Al-Jazeera. Well, never mind I'm sure Common Dreams will clear things up for us.

And Al Jazeera is not alone in reporting a reality very different from the one U.S. officials describe. According to Common Dreams this is despite "Authorities have been able to keep a tight rein on the information flow from Fallujah"

Ok, I'll be patient, I'm sure Common Dreams is going to let us in on who else is reporting what Al-Jazeera is saying.

But independent journalists reporting from Fallujah have described a scene consistent with the one broadcast by Al Jazeera. Rahul Mahajan, a U.S. journalist in Fallujah, estimated that of the 600 Iraqis killed in Fallujah, 200 were women and 100 young children, with many of the adult male casualties also non-combatants.

Ahh, ok, now we're getting somewhere "independent Journalists" reporting, ha ha, in spite of the "Authorities have been able to keep a tight rein on the information flow from Fallujah". You see you can't keep the truth from all the people all the time.

Now who is this "independent journalist, Rahul Mahajan?

Hey, wait a minute! I want my quarter back! Check out this "independent journalist" bio out here.

Here is a sample and I mean a small sample of the so called "independent journalist's bio.

He has been a campus and community activist in Austin ever since 1994. He has worked on a wide variety of issues, including alternative media, South Asia, affirmative action on the UT campus, and Enron, but has concentrated on antiwar and anti-corporate-globalization work. The sanctions on Iraq, the relations between Israel and the Palestinians, and U.S. Middle East policy have been his main specialty for the past five years -- and since 9/11 he has worked extensively on U.S. policy toward Afghanistan, Central Asia, and South Asia.

He has also done organizing at the national level. He serves on the National Board of Peace Action, the nation's largest grassroots peace organization and served on the Coordinating Committee of the National Network to End the War on Iraq for its first year. He runs Iraq Update, the nation's largest email list sending out news and analysis about Iraq.

His website has this as a four foot high banner "Rahul Mahajan, Author and Antiwar Activist". I will not even provide the link to his site.

So, imagine that, Al-Jazeera's reporting and this guys reporting are "consistent". Who would have thought it possible.

Common Dreams, more like Common Bullshit!

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