Friday, April 23, 2004

How pervasive is anti-Americanism in the UK?

Most of my usual readers will have seen many of my posts documenting anti-Americanism in the British media, especially the BBC. I have also taken to task my local AM radio station for some of their "reporting". Their defense is that they use a news feed from Independent Radio Network. I don't know who they are but I will try and find out and post about them.

I was listening to this "news feed" on my AM station this morning and their first two articles were both anti-American. The first was very up front about it. This article condemned the screening of Diana's photograph by CBS in the US. Totally ignoring the fact that here in the UK the video of JFK getting the back of his head blown off is regularly screened.

The second was a bit more subtle. It involved videos showing homeless people beating each other up. I remember this happened in the US years ago. Seems some moron would pay to film these guys fighting and sell the videos which were then later shown on some local cable access channel.

Maybe a US reader could shed more light on this matter.

Anyway, it was the last sentence that got me mad. The sentence said "The craze is currently sweeping the US". Seems someone forgot to tell the Nielsen ratings folks. Just because some moron over here copies some moron over there does not make it the fault of the entire US!

No matter what the issue people just can't seem to resist a dig at the US.

But, hey, maybe I'm just a sensitive guy. Now where is my coffee?

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