Saturday, April 17, 2004

So, how is the war in Iraq playing over in "we are not worried about terrorist", Canada?

Canada opposed the war in Iraq and did not send any troops but that doesn't stop them from "shooting" at America from the safety of their home land.

From The Toronto Star we get this nice little article. I've seen this making the rounds on the net but this is the first time I've seen it in this edited version from Canada. With a subtle bayonet, The Star stabs the Marines in the back.

First up with the headline we get this,

Hostility takes hold of Marines in Falluja
Expecting to be welcomed, they were vilified and hunted

I've never met a "non" hostile Marine in a firefight, have you?

"Expecting to be welcomed...", excuse me? Let me get this straight. The Marines are fighting men; not peace keepers. They are sent in when diplomacy has failed with the mission to subdue, read kill, the enemy or take territory. In this case they were sent to Falluja in response to the murder and mutilation of four Americans by Sadr's thugs. In addition, Falluja is where Saddams old regime elements live - the ones these same Marines killed and drove from power. Given all of that, how in the hell can you write a headline with "Expecting to be welcomed..."?

Look at this, we haven't even gotten past the headline yet.

FALLUJA - On a rooftop overlooking Falluja's industrial wasteland, Lance Cpl. Tom Browne pokes his machine-gun muzzle out of a hole in a barrier wall, singing to himself to pass the time.

Another bayonet thrust; implying the guy is happy with his "work". Some people sing or whistle when they are nervous. Ever been in combat Mr. Navarro? Thought not.

In the street below, the corpse of an insurgent suspect lies baking in the sun. Browne, from Boston, says he has killed several rebels so far, probably Iraqis.

Insurgent "suspect"? How is someone who is trying to kill you a "suspect"? "Probably Iraqis"? I'm sure this Marine doesn't give a damn what country a potential killer is from; he just wants to kill him before he gets killed.

More bayonet thrusts.

"I don't even think about those people as people," he says.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

By "those people" the Marine was referring to the terrorists trying to kill him and not the "Iraqi people", as you imply, Mr. Navarro.

Uh, Mr. Navarro, it was suppose to be this way. War and war fighting is a terrible business and thankfully so, otherwise it would be practiced at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, the best way to train someone to kill another person is to teach them to not consider your enemy as people. The Marines are not a peace keeping force, they are an attacking force; sent in, as I said earlier, to kill or take land in response to attacks.

"The band of U.S. marines in this insurgent stronghold..." Holy "John Philip Sousa", you mean they were fighting with trombones? Excuse me, maybe you meant they were more like a gang of thugs or something.

"...the marines say it's easier to cope with the daily work of killing a seemingly unending supply of rebels if they don't think about the suspected Iraqi rebels as people. Under different circumstances, they might have been trying to help them.

Can you follow this guy? First they are "rebels" and then "suspected" rebels but not just that, they are "suspected Iraqi rebels". Mr. Navarro, you are kindly directed to earlier comments on your ignorance.

Behind the front line, marines are trying to supply the holed-up locals that they encounter with food and water, one of the few areas their cultural training is put to use.

"Holed-up locals"? Uh, erm, would they be Iraqis Mr. Navarro? If so, that would seem to indicate that not all Iraqis are trying to kill the Marines and the Marines are not trying to kill all Iraqis. Doesn't it, Mr. Navarro? You seem to have a problem identifying people Mr. Navarro; were you actually in Falluja?

Time for the bayonet thrust to kill.

But Cpl. David Silvers, based in a front-line building nicknamed "the tower," says his experience with Iraqis has been limited to dodging bullets from a persistent and shadowy gunman he dubbed "Bob the sniper."

The veil is lifted. No longer are they "rebels", "insurgents", "suspected rebels", or "suspected Iraqi rebels"; now they are "Iraqis" - meaning the nation.

Mr. Navarro I have a few suggestions for you. First, get a new job. Second, make that job a Marine if you got the balls. And finally, if you don't take my suggestions and keep your current job, in the future, whenever you write an article about US Marines, you damn well better use a capital "M" when referring to them. They have earned that respect.

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