Sunday, April 25, 2004

Blasts target Iraqi oil terminals From The BBC

Three boats have exploded in apparently co-ordinated suicide attacks near two Iraqi oil terminals in the Gulf, off the southern city of Basra.

I wrote about just such an attack on Grangemouth, Scotland, in a post on 6 April.

There was a strike at the Grangemouth terminal a few years ago that severely restricted petrol supplies. In my little town there were long lines and all but one station ran out of petrol. Imagine what would happen if this terminal was taken out completely.

The rail system in the UK would be unable to cope with the increased civilian and goods traffic. People would find it difficult to get to work or do their shopping. It would be difficult to even get the goods to the shops in the first place.

And then there is the terror value.

Many years ago just such an explosion at a Texas terminal killed hundreds. An explosion at Grangemouth could kill thousands.

UPDATE: The question is, does Al-Qaeda have the ships to do the job? Possibly.

From World Net Daily

While al-Qaida continues to hide from international authorities 15 ships it has purchased, there are growing warnings around the world the next dramatic terror attack is more likely to come at sea than in the air.

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