Saturday, April 17, 2004

Our Multi-cultural society at work.

Seems it's ok with the Norwich police for a gang of Asians to beat up and use racial remarks against a white British man but arrest the white guy for racial remarks. The thing is the court didn't see it that way. From
Evening News 24

A COURT has cleared a man of racist behaviour although he shouted "you f*****g Iraqi b******s in a busy city street.

Jamie Knott, 29, of Earlham West Centre, had been drinking heavily in the Light Bar on Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, last Saturday, November 29.

As he left the club at 2am, he said he was attacked by two Asian men, who punched him in the face.

The men, who were part of a group of five, also chanted "English s**t, English s**t".

Knott told police officers patrolling the street, which was packed with revellers pouring out of nightclubs.

He pointed out the men who he said had attacked him, but claimed nothing was done by police to detain them.

When nobody was questioned for the attack, Knott became angry and shouted at police. He was warned to calm down or face arrest.

He maintained he was simply trying to prove a point that nothing was being done because he was a white victim of assault by Asian men.

PC Ismael Najjar told Norwich magistrates: "He started shouting and swearing at the Asian men, who were standing about 10 feet away.

Knott, who was bleeding from the assault, was arrested for racially aggravated behaviour and taken to Bethel Street police station.

Afterwards, Anne Matin, director of Norwich and Norfolk Racial Equality Council, said: "I really think there should be an appeal on this decision.

He shouln't have made the remarks but maybe if the Police had done their job in the first place he wouldn't have made them. And then, maybe PC Najjar was a little more sensitive to the remarks and not to a bleeding white citizen.

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