Friday, April 23, 2004

Koffigate and UN weapons inspections.

If it is true that the UN, at the highest levels, was involved in the oil-for-food scandal, then the whole UN weapons inspection program gets called into question.


If WMDs had been found during an inspection then the oil scam would have been up and those involved would have been out billions.

It would have been easy for someone inside the UN to tip off the Iraqis about impending inspections. The Iraqis would not have even had to spy on the inspectors in Iraq.

While the WMDs have yet to be found the inspectors found many instances of "things" being moved just prior to a visit. I have read on some Iraqi blogs first hand accounts of this.

Since Koffi's own son is implicated he should take a leave of absence while the investigation is carried out. But then who do you appoint in his place and how can the UN be investigated impartially?

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