Thursday, April 22, 2004

UK accuses the US of being insensitive in showing Diana photograph.

I can see how some would feel that way and I personally would not watch the CBS show. But lets be careful how far we go in this name calling.

For instance, I have seen the assassination of President Kennedy on British television a number of times. The film is very graphic and I will not describe it here. Besides almost every American has seen these images. I don't know how soon after the event they were shown. I do know they were shown while his wife and children were still alive. Was that insensitive or historical?

Then there were the burnt bodies of the US contractors with Iraqis stomping on their heads shown on UK television. They were not identified at the time and besides they were not famous. Some would be outraged at the actions of the Iraqis while some, no doubt, cheered them on. Insensitive or news?

I'll leave it there because there are far better media pundits than me. I just think we need to keep things in focus.

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