Thursday, April 22, 2004

Terrorist don't need to buy Russian nuclear material.

Here we were worried that terrorist might get their hands on some Russian nuclear material when all along they might be able to get it right in the US.

Vermont Nuke Plant Missing Fuel Rods From Fox News

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Two pieces of a highly radioactive fuel rod are missing from a Vermont nuclear plant, and engineers planned to search onsite for the nuclear material, officials said Wednesday.


"We do not think there is a threat to the public at this point. The great probability is this material is still somewhere in the pool," said Nuclear Regulatory Commission (search) spokesman Neil Sheehan.

But Sheehan said it was possible the spent fuel was mixed in with a shipment of low-level nuclear waste and ended up at a repository in South Carolina, or a facility in Washington state. He said it was also possible it was taken to a nuclear testing facility run by General Electric, which designed the plant.

This guy isn't very sure of anything is he?


In 2002 a Connecticut nuclear plant was fined $288,000 after a similar loss. That fuel was never accounted for.

Homer Simpson has it.

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