Friday, April 23, 2004

Why the BBC is the most evil organization on the planet.

Copy of an email I sent my "news tip group" tonight. I am too pissed off to write about it.

It is late my time and I don't have time to write a post about this tonight but I wanted to give everyone a heads up on this one. This BBC article is just outrageous.


Humanitarian workers speak of US gunmen firing at ambulances and civilians.

And who are these humanitarian workers?

The head of mission of a European humanitarian agency with staff in Falluja told BBC News Online that, according to his staff, two of their ambulances had been shot at.

and who are these "staff"

British aid worker Jo Wilding said an ambulance she was in, with flashing lights, siren blaring and "ambulance" written on it in English, was hit as it drove to collect a woman in premature labour.

Ms Wilding is sure the shots came from American troops.

And why is she "sure"

Google search results of Ms Wilding. Read who she is. You are not going to believe this.


Sample: 1

Iraq: Jo Wilding in Fallujah

2004-04-13 | US snipers in Falluja shoot unarmed man in the back, old woman with white flag, children fleeing their homes and the ambulance that we were going in to fetch a woman in premature labour

Sample 2

Jo Wilding, 29, is a human rights campaigner and trainee lawyer from Bristol. She and two other foreign nationals have been inside Falluja for the past week, providing medical and humanitarian aid

"Human rights campaingeer and trainee laywer" - trying to make a career are we?

Sample 3

Jo Wilding is a British journalist, anti-war activist, and circus clown. She is working as a Red Crescent volunteer, ferrying the wounded to medical aid in Falluja. Here is her eyewitness journal from April 11, documenting a city under attack by United States Marines. It's a stunning and heart-wrenching account.

Did you catch that..."circus clown".. this is no joke! Anti-war activist - no axe to grind here!

Sample 4 ...this "fake kidnapping" idea is starting to take hold

TWO British women told last night how they were kidnapped and held by Iraqi gunmen after volunteering to help injured civilians in the besieged city of Fallujah.

Jenny Gaiawyn, 25, and Jo Wilding, 29, spent several days braving the guns of United States marines and insurgent fighters to help ferry injured locals to medical centres.

My My, Jo Wilding again.

How low can the BBC go? So much for a new direction for the BBC. I am so pissed off right now.

Scott Burgess please write about this.

Michael Morris please write about this.

Everyone call, write and complain to the BBC, Grade, the press complaints commission and anybody you can think of. This is the most outrageous thing the BBC have done since the rigged poll.

Listen to her

"You can tell the shape of US marine from a mujahideen - even if you can only see a silhouette, the helmet and flak jacket are quite distinctive. Also, we were in a US-controlled part of town," she told BBC News Online.


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