Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Spain to Float Iraq Proposal to France, Germany From Reuters

I know what else floats.

Maybe it's the wine or just the sheer audacity of these guys but this just cracks me up.

By Estelle Shirbon
MADRID, Spain (Reuters) - Spain will ask anti-war allies Germany and France to join in a proposal calling for a U.S. exit from Iraq and a new international presence in the country, a Spanish government source said Tuesday.

"The idea is to see if Spain, France and Germany can help the United States find an exit from Iraq...and devise a formula for an international presence there that would not be perceived as an occupation by most of the population," the source said.

Well damn, seems f...ing Spain found the exit quick enough! Don't worry France is just itching to get back in and cash in those oil vouchers.


Zapatero will make the proposal during talks with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in Berlin Wednesday and with French President Jacques Chirac in Paris Thursday. Germany has already expressed interest in it, the source said.

Asked whether Spain would be prepared to send troops back to Iraq under such a formula, the source said it was too soon to say.

Boy them Qaeda boys really got ya'll scared, uh? Now look here ya'll. Ya'll done and gone pulled up grub stakes so you don't got no say in this here Hatfield and McCoys feud. Ya'll go on back home and maybe we'll hollar ifn we be needun ya'll. Savvy?

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